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My name is Brandon Olivares from Co-Creation Coaching. I've been studying the law of attraction in-depth since 2015. In that time, I've read countless teachers, taken countless courses, and tried out countless techniques.
Through all of my experiences with such teachings, I've discovered exactly how the law of attraction works, and applied it to both my life and the lives of my clients, to great success.

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Have you been trying to use the law of attraction for some time, but without any significant results? You're not alone. that's the biggest issue my clients come to me with: they've been trying for months or even years, but with no results. But it doesn't have to be this...

Effortless Money Manifestation

Does it feel like money is always a struggle? Does it seem like you can never achieve your financial goals, and any time you try,...

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10 Essential Keys to Make the Law of Attraction Work for You

Would you like to know why the law of attraction hasn't been working for you? This class will teach you the 10 foundational principles that...

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7 Day Manifesting Challenge

This 7 day challenge will teach you the basics of how to use the law of attraction, by helping you to manifest something important to...

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3 Simple Questions to Manifest Any Desire

What if 3 simple questions, properly applied, could help you to manifest anything you desire? In this teleclass, find out what these 3 questions are,...

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How to Use the Power of Acceptance to Create Anything

Have you been trying to use visualization, affirmations, vision boards, or other such tools to manifest what you want, with little to no results? Are...

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2018 Full Flower Moon Blessing

May is the Flower Moon. Take advantage of the full moon energies to allow your desires to blossom in the upcoming month. Includes light language...

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Three Day Manifesting Intensive

I've been coaching now for three years, showing others how to make their desires become reality. However, the biggest issue I've seen is the time...

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Living a Magical Life with the Law of Attraction

When you were a child, did you ever feel like you had some magical ability, to make your wishes come true? I know for me,...

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